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#3800301 - Snap - 20mm - Bee - Gold / Black w/ Rhinestones

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#3800301 - Snap - 20mm - Bee - Gold / Black w/ Rhinestones

Snap Jewelry is a Fun and Affordable way to wear jewelry.  We have over 200 different jewelry pieces to choose from.  Choose the jewelry piece that fits your style or as a gift for someone special. Once you have that special jewelry piece selected, then you can choose the interchangeable snap to personalize your selection.  We have over 1,000 different snaps covering a wide, wide range of subjects.  We have snap jewelry in two sizes: the 20mm (standard) size and the 12mm (Mini-snaps).  To learn more about snap jewelry, read our blog post on the home page of this website or chick here:  /blog/jewelry-in-a-snap/