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#8400502 - Shoe Charm - 3D - 3 Pieces - Blue Dragon

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#8400502 - Shoe Charm - 3D - 3 Pieces - Blue Dragon

This is one of our 3D Shoe Charms we carry. The 3D charms stand up on your shoe so you can see it from all sides.  Be sure to look at the multi-part charms.  They create the illusion that the shark, snake or dragon is actually going in and out of your shoes!!  Some people call them Shoe Charms, some call them Croc Charms and some call them Jibbitz.  Whatever you call have a chance to make a statement with your shoes. Learn more about our Shoe Charms on our Blog - Shoe Charms or click here: /blog/shoe-charms-who-knew-wearing-shoes-could-be-so-much-fun/

                                           "Who Knew Wearing Shoes Could Be So Much Fun!!!