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#9101002 - Real Butterfly Acrylic Display Box - 10" X 10" - Atlas Moth - Male

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This 10" X 10" acrylic display box features the male Atlas Moth (Attacus atlas ) from Southest Asia. The Atlas Moth is famous for its unique snakehead look on its wingtips. 


All of our acrylic display boxes are handcrafted at our facilties in Killeen, TX.  All displays include the species identification information and a packet of Novus acrylic polish. A keyhole  hanger is attached so the box can be displayed either by setting on a surface or hanging. All of our specimens are ethically sourced from butterfly exhibits, butterfly farms and suppliers from around the world. To learn more about the detailed process we use to produce these displays, check out our blog post for Bug Box Boutique on the home page of this website or click here: /blog/bug-box-boutique/