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About Us

Nature Connection World

    The path to becoming Nature Connection World, LLC has been a long and winding journey for sure.  We started making real butterfly wing jewelry about 10 years ago.  At this point our company - Butterfly Wing Bling, LLC was born.  We purchased a business that had created a process for preserving real butterfly wings in jewelry pieces. The process was very slow and tedious and as we found out later - dangerous.  So,   we continued on for years looking for a better and safer way to make the real butterfly wing jewelry.   

     It was during this time we started to explore and try other ways of running our business.   With the four of us working together, our team and company started our odyssey.  We are: David, Christina, Byron and Harriet.   David has a background in business in the pet industry and photography industry.  Christina has a background in education with a Masters in Early Childhood Education.  Byron is a now retired High School / College science teacher.  Harriet is Christina's Mother. 

      As  the business began to grow it created the need for more equipment and space.  For us at that time, space was not a problem. We lived in a former elementary school that sat on five acres in the countryside of North East Kansas.  Our building was 12,500 sq. ft. plus a 3200 sq. ft. garage we had built.  The building was our home as well as our business facility.   For a period of time we turned the school gym areas into a live butterfly exhibit with over 500 butterflies flying in it.  It was open to public. We had many school groups and other groups come for tours and education programs. It was a lot of fun, but also a lot of work and proved to not be a profitable part of our journey. 

     One part of our growth that has become a large part of our current business is the producing of acrylic display boxes for butterfly and bug specimens.  We make a wide variety of boxes.  Our boxes come in sizes from 4" X 4" to almost 24" X 48".  They contain a wide range of bugs, spiders, dragonflies as well as some of the most amazing butterflies and moths of the world.   As this part of our business grew we have added some major pieces of equipment ranging from CNC machines to a diamond edge finishing machine to laser cutting machines.

     We also produce a line of what we refer to as our "Butterfly Bubbles" that have preserved specimens sealed in plastic spheres. 

      As our product line grew, so did our methods of marketing our products.  We have packed our goods and traveled to many events. From craft fairs to state fairs, we covered them all for several years. It was at a craft fair that we were approached by representative of AAFES - Army & Air Force Exchange Services. We were made aware of the possibility of setting up our product booth at the Exchange facilities on military bases.  That became a large part of our retail marketing over the years we lived in Kansas.

     With so much of our business involving military bases was in the Southern states and most of our wholesale customers were in the South, in 2018 we made the decision to move to Texas.

     We made the move and also changed our business name to reflect our wide range of products to:  Nature Connection World, LLC.

     We have continued our retail sales efforts through a couple of shopping mall stores for a while and more at military bases.  At the time of this writing our long term store at the Ft. Hood Exchange has been closed because of the Covid-19 situation.  We hope to reopen sometime in the future.

       We continue to make our real butterfly jewelry and have developed a different process that does  still seal the butterfly wing to permanently protect it that is faster and safer. 

      We are glad you have found our website and hope you will take a look around and find something you love. If you have have any questions....don't hesitate to contact us through this website in the contact us section.


        "Mother Nature lets the Beauty last a few weeks....we let it last Forever"