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Bug Box Boutique

Bug Box Boutique

Posted by David Foster on May 12th 2020

Bug Box Boutique

      At Nature Connection World, acrylic display boxes have been part of our product line for many years. As they have become a large part of what we do, we started calling them by their own brand name of "Bug Box Boutique".  

        The specimen work and most of the box production is done by Byron Foster. Byron is a now retired High School / College Science Teacher.  

         The process to create these works of art is a slow and tedious process.  Even for the smallest and simplest of boxes it is still a three week or more process to completion.   The process begins with specimens that are ethically sourced from butterfly farms, butterfly exhibits and suppliers from around the world.  Preparing the specimens before they are sealed in their display box begins with them going into a relaxing chamber.  When the specimens arrive they are dry and brittle.  The wings of the butterflies are closed. To be able to open the butterfly wings and be able to move the body , legs, wings, etc. into the proper position the specimens are placed in a relaxing chamber for a few days to a week or so to soften them.  Once the specimens are relaxed enough to work with, it is time for them to go to to spreading boards. Once they are spread properly they are left on the spreading boards to dry. Once the specimens are dry there is a process of reinforcing the wings, bodies, legs, etc. before they are mounted on the pegs that allow them to be mounted in the acrylic box.

        We have our own acrylic workshop where we precision cut the acrylic into the proper sizes for each box.  Most of our acrylic cutting these days is done by a laser cutter. We also have a diamond edge finishing machine to put a perfectly polished edge on our acrylic pieces.  The pieces are then assembled and the finishing stages are completed.

        The finished acrylic display box is permanently sealed.  This process protects the specimen forever.  At that point, the main things to know to care for your acrylic display box is to keep it out of direct sunlight and don't drop it. 

         Check out the wide variety of acrylic display boxes on our website. We have a wide range of sizes and specimens for you to start or add to your collection.