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Jewelry in a Snap!!

Jewelry in a Snap!!

Posted by David Foster on May 12th 2020

Snap Jewelry - A fun and affordable way to wear jewelry.  With several hundred different pieces of jewelry and well over 1,000 snaps.....there is something for everyone.  Snap jewelry features an interchangeable setting that lets you personalize your jewelry.  Snap jewelry is available in the standard 20mm size and also in the mini-snap (12mm) size.  We have a large variety of snaps from holidays, military, family, faith, animals and so much more. 

We got involved with Snap Jewelry when we started looking at the possibility of making snap pieces containing real butterfly wing pieces.  Once we created a process to preserve the real wing in a snap setting, the floodgates opened.  We decided if we were going to make the real butterfly wing snaps we probably should carry a few pieces of the jewelry and an assortment of snaps.  That is when "Jewelry in a Snap!!"  took off.

Be sure to check our website for the wide selection of snap jewelry in the standard 20mm and  the 12mm Mini-Snaps.  Then pick out an assortment of the appropriate size snaps so you can personalize your jewelry.