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Nature Connection World

Nature Connection World

Posted by David Foster on May 13th 2020

Nature Connection World, LLC

     Nature Connection World, LLC is part of a journey that we have been on for over 10 years. Our journey has involved many twist, turns and bumps along the way.  We started this trip originally with our attempts and making real butterfly wing jewelry.  Over time we have made 1,000s of  pieces of jewelry. We have tried a variety of other products as well. The one line of products that we have developed and continue making to this day is our extensive line of acrylic display boxes. 

        Our journey has taken us to many of the butterfly exhibits around the country and the chance to meet and work with some amazing people at those exhibits.  Our products have been featured in the gift shops of some of the top butterfly exhibits in the country also. We have been involved with several of the butterfly industry professional trade organizations and conservation groups.

     The last couple of years, after we moved from Kansas to Texas, we have had retail operations in the Temple Mall, Killeen Mall and the Ft. Hood Exchange.  We were open most recently at the Ft. Hood Exchange until the closing caused by the Covid-19 crisis.  We hope to reopen at Ft. Hood again in the future.  

          In the meantime we are working hard on our website and creating new products.  As part of the strange twist we have been on we have become very involved with Snap Jewelry and Shoe Charms.  Both of these lines kind of came about as extensions of what we were already doing.  

         Our involvement with Snap Jewelry came about when we started looking at the possibility of making snap pieces that would contain a real butterfly wing piece.  Once we accomplished that and people started buying them it seemed that we should carry at least a few pieces of Snap Jewelry and some other snaps beside just the real butterfly snaps.   Once we started adding the snap products it just snowballed to what we have today.  Today we have over 1,000 different snaps and 100s of pieces of jewelry.   So.....we now have "Jewelry in a Snap!!" as part of our company.

       The Shoe Charm involvement was an even stranger twist.  Among the items in our snap jewelry pieces were small silicone bracelets for kids.  The bracelets had a setting for one snap in the center and holes on both sides on the band. Our supplier had a small assortment of these little rubber charms available that we could use in the bracelet holes. We got a few and then we started having customers say those looked like the ones used in Croc Shoes.  We had no idea what they were really talking about, so we started doing a little research and found that there was a larger variety available that we originally new about.  We bought more.....people started coming into the stores to buy them for their shoes.....we bought more.....we sold more....and it just took off to now having over 1200 shoe charms.  We have five types of charms, shoe lace adapters, bracelets, pin charms and more!!   And that is how "Shoe Charm Connection" became a part of our company.

         We have had an interesting journey so far.....and we are doing our best to continue on down the road and see what is next.  

      Thank you so much to all the people that have helped us on this journey.  Thank you to family and friends.  A huge thank you to our customers - retail and wholesale - that have supported us and encouraged us over these years.  We look forward to having you with us as we continue on this long, strange trip.  

                                              David, Christina & Byron