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Real Butterfly Wing Jewelry

Real Butterfly Wing Jewelry

Posted by David Foster on May 12th 2020

Real Butterfly Wing Jewelry

     We started this business journey many years ago by making real butterfly wing jewelry.  At that time we used the business name Butterfly Wing Bling, LLC.  The process we learned originally when we purchased the business from the original creator was a long and tedious process.

     Even though the jewelry making process involved Byron, Christina and David, Christina is the main jewelry maker.  

      The process begins with specimens that are ethically sourced from butterfly farms, butterfly exhibits and suppliers from around the world. With most butterflies only living 2 -3 weeks and most months only a matter of days, there are usually plenty of naturally expired butterflies available. Virtually all the butterflies in the many live butterfly exhibits are farm raised by butterfly farmers from all over the world. 

      The original process we used took four days to complete a piece of jewelry.  As time went on we found out the process actually was dangerous raised some health concerns for Christina.  She also began to develop a severe sensitivity to the resin.  It was imperative that we found a different process.  Through a long process of trial and error we have found a new process that we have been using for the last couple of years to make our real butterfly wing jewelry. The process creates a piece of jewelry that preserves the butterfly wing so it can last forever.  It is permanently sealed to protect it from moisture and humidity.  The process protects the colors so they will never fade. 

       Be sure to check out the wide variety of pendants, bracelets, earrings, rings and other real butterfly wing jewelry pieces on our website. 

   "Mother Nature lets the Beauty last a few weeks....we let it last Forever"