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Nature Connection World

Nature Connection World LLC is a unique store with a wide variety of products. All of the Acrylic Display Boxes, Butterfly Bubbles, Display Frames and Dome Displays featured on this website are all hand-crafted in our facilities in Texas.

Amazing Exotic Butterflies

We have over a hundred different hand crafted acrylic display boxes featuring some of the most beautiful and unique insects from around the world.

Butterfly & Bug Bubbles

Select from a great groups of our Butterfly & Bug Bubbles. These plastic bubbles can be displayed from 3 different choices of acrylic stands. The bubbles come in 4 round sizes and 2 heart-shaped sizes.

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Mini-Bell Jars

Our Mini-Bell Jars currently come in two sizes. The small size is 50mm wide and 70mm tall ( approx. 2" X 2 3/4"). The medium size is 65mm wide X 80mm tall ( approx. 2 1/2" X 3 1/8"). We hope to have larger sizes available soon.

These Mini-Bell jars are a great way for kids to start collecting bugs and butterflies at an affordable price for Mom & Dad. They also make great gifts for the budding entomologist from Grandparents or other family members.

Mini Bell Jars

Floating Frames

These Floating Frames are a very fun and economical way to display our beautiful butterflies and bugs. The plastic frames are sealed to protect the specimen. The specimen is held in place by an amazing plastic film product.

Floating Frame Displays

Dome Displays

These dome displays can be used as great displays either as wall decorations or on a desk or shelf. They are available with either a white or black background. The displays use an acrylic base with a clear plastic dome cover.

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Real Insect

Products made using real specimens of bugs, scorpions, spiders and more!

Available as Necklaces, Bracelets, Keychains, Earrings and Paperweights.

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Wholesale Inquiries

Nature Connection World does offer wholesale pricing on most of our products. If you are a qualified business and interested in purchasing our products at wholesale prices, please let us know.

Please contact David by phone at: 254-221-9300 or by email at: natureconnectionworld@gmail.com