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999000 - Acrylic Display Frames

999000 - Acrylic Display Frames

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999000 - Acrylic Display Frames

     These frames are available for most of our acrylic display boxes.  Our acrylic display boxes are permanently sealed as the best way to protect the specimens inside forever.  Many people like the completely clear box that showcases the specimen.   However, some people want the box to look a little more like a framed artwork piece.  That is why we created the frames.  The frames are available in either white or black acrylic.  They simply slide right over the box giving it a framed look without changing the protection of the specimens inside.  Just pick the size that corresponds with the acrylic display box you have and slide it right over.  It can change the look drastically in one simple step.  Check out the different boxes on this website that have photos of them with the sleeves on them.   


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