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760400 - Dome Displays - Ex. Large (156mm) - White - Blue Mountain Swallowtail

760400 - Dome Displays - Ex. Large (156mm) - White - Blue Mountain Swallowtail

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760400 - Dome Displays - Extra-Large (156mm) - White - Blue Mountain Swallowtail (Papilio ulusses)

The butterfly is mounted inside our extra-large (156mm = 6.2 inch diameter) clear acrylic dome on a black acrylic base (177mm = 7  inch diameter).  The domes are great for displaying on desks or tables, but also can easily be hung on a wall.  

 We do all specimen preparation and mounting at our facilities in Killeen, TX.  All of our specimens are ethically sourced from butterfly exhibits, butterfly farms and suppliers from around the world.  Species identification information is included with each dome.


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