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9121651 - Real Bug Acrylic Display Box - 12" X 16" - Grasshopper Trio

9121651 - Real Bug Acrylic Display Box - 12" X 16" - Grasshopper Trio

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This 12" X 16" acrylic display box features a trio of giant Grasshoppers.  They are: the Chinese Giant Katydid (Pseudophyllus hercules ), the Giant Purple Grasshopper (  Titanacris albipes, Lophacris albipes ) and the Giant South American Grasshopper ( Tropidacris dux ).  The Katydid is from China and the two grasshoppers are from South America. 


All of our acrylic display boxes are handcrafted at our facilities in Killeen, TX.  All displays include the species identification information and a packet of Novus acrylic polish. A keyhole  hanger is attached so the box can be displayed either by setting on a surface or hanging. All of our specimens are ethically sourced from butterfly exhibits, butterfly farms and suppliers from around the world. 

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