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1111 - Red Glider Collection - Valentine's Day

1111 - Red Glider Collection - Valentine's Day

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Red Glider Collection Options

        This collection features the Red Glider Butterfly. The red color makes this the perfect butterfly for Valentine's Day gifts.  In this collection we have a 4" X 4" acrylic box and two different versions of our "Butterfly Bubbles" that feature a preserved specimen of the Red Glider.

          The rest of the collection features a wide variety of our real butterfly wing jewelry.  From earrings to pendants to bracelets and rings in a several different settings, there  is something for everyone. 

            The featured item in this collection for Valentine's Day is the heart-shaped pendant.  This pendant is a great piece to wear anytime, but is the perfect addition to the wardrobe on that Valentine's Day Dinner. 

         The silver-plated earrings are available is two sizes.  The wood setting earrings are made with Japanese Pagoda Wood and are available in two different colors.

          The metal pendants come with a silver-plated snake chain.  The wood pendants come with a black leather cord.

           The bracelets are a nice jewelry accessory that really shows off the red glider wing piece.   The white or black bracelet you see has a setting that measures 18mm.  The bands are leather.   The silver-plated cuff bracelet features a 20mm setting.

            The ring is silver-plated.  It is adjustable and features an 18mm X 13mm setting.  

            For more information about us, our products and how they are made,  read the blog post at the bottom of the home page of this website. 


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